Day Five – Exploring Sir Padampat and life in Kanpur.

Today was another full day in school with an early start.  Our taxi took us to school in time for the Primary Sections assembly at 7.45.  The children led the assembly as usual to over one thousand of their peers. At the assembly they shared Hindu stories, poems, and an amazing Gujerati stick dance (this is a traditional dance of India).  Children stood in their classes outside in the playground; their assemblies always take place here. Even though it was so early we were still very hot. The assembly finished with the Indian National Anthem and the children quickly and quietly moved to their classrooms (Can you sing ours?).

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Day Three – Harpreet’s house and Bithoor

This morning we visited a market selling saris, jewellery and wedding clothes. The colours were vibrant and the designs were intricate and ornate.

Next, Harpreet took us for lunch in her favourite restaurant near her house. Most locals eat using bread as a spoon instead of knives and forks , Harpreet taught us how to do this. It was quite difficult to eat with our hands without spilling any food. Today’s food was traditional to southern India and the Punjab in Northern India. The food from the south is lighter as the weather is hot.

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Day Two – the Taj Mahal!

Today we set off from Kanpur really early to visit the Taj Mahal, in Agra. Harpreet and Aakarshan arrived at our hotel at 6am. Kanpur is a large city with over five million inhabitants, it is built around the leather industry and has huge tanneries which sell mostly to other parts of the world.  Read More

We have arrived safe and sound. 

After a short 24 hours of travelling to Kanpur, via London, Delhi and Lucknow we have successfully arrived. Our journey has been exciting and eventful and things we have already seen have put smiles on our faces.

We all say how Lowestoft traffic is bad and congested – but driving to Kanpur makes it seem quiet and calm.

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