Day Six – Sad to be saying goodbye.

Today has been another excellent day in Kanpur and the heat is intense! Even in air conditioned rooms, we can feel the heat on our skins.

We both met with Bhawna and Harpreet (and Anany, Bhawna’s son, who came to our school, if you remember) to discuss our project. We agreed that even though there are many miles between us, we have so many things in common.  At the heart of both schools children come first and all the staff are committed to ensuring that everybody learns as best they can. We discussed future projects and our wish to keep working together.

Here are the answers to the question that we collected in assembly and that Mrs Rodwell emailed to us!

  1. How many classes to they have at SPPEC?
    There are 6 classes per year group – 54 classes in total. 
  2. Do they have a big hall?
    They have small halls for the children – however they don’t use theirs like we do.  Assemblies are held outside. 
  3. How many children attend the school?
    3200 children attend the school. 
  4. What age are the children?
    Children are aged between 3 years and 18 years. 
  5. What play equipment do they have?
    Early years children have slides to play on outside. The primary and secondary aged children have lots of different sports equipment, such as, balls, cricket sets, nets for volleyball, and basketball nets. 
  6. What clothes to they wear?
    The early years children wear short blue dungarees, with a white shirt. The older children have blue shirts with the school logo on, blue trousers or skirts. All of the children have the same shoes to match the uniform. When children have PE they wear their PE kits all day to school – these are white shorts and a stripy colour t-shirt (the colour depends on what house you are in). We noticed that when children have their birthday, they are allowed to wear non school uniform. 
  7. What subjects do they learn?
    All children study 10 different subjects, Hindi, English, mathematics, social studies, science, PE, music, art, geography and History. 
  8. Do they have phonics?
    We didn’t see children learning phonics. Children learn to read whole words and learn a new word each day. 
  9. How many children are in a class?
    There are approximately 40 children per class. 
  10. How many teachers do they have?
    Over 115 teachers teach at the school. 
  11. What time does the school start and finish?
    School starts at 7.30 and finishes at 1.30. 
  12. Do they have technology?
    In each class they have a whiteboard and projector (not like our Smartboards). There are no computers for the children to use in each class.  There are computer suites for the children to use. 
  13. What do teachers write on?
    Teachers use blackboards when they are teaching, they write on these with chalk. 
  14. What are their favourite sports and hobbies?
    When talking to the children most of them said they like to play football or cricket. Lots of children said they loved to read and play with their friends.

When travelling from Kanpur to the airport at Lucknow, Harpreet and Bhawna told us they had read our blog and loved it.  They said we have included lots of information but asked why we hadn’t mentioned the roads (this was also another question that somebody asked in assembly on Monday). Well, the roads are so bumpy, full of pot holes and are very dusty. When driving, you can drive anywhere in the road as long as you use beep the horn to tell the person in front of you, that you are coming. We have watched people drive the wrong way down the street and around roundabouts.  Pedestrians walk out in front of traffic all of the time. It is mad!

IMG_1766 IMG_1576 IMG_1577 IMG_1614 IMG_1616 IMG_1617 IMG_1618 IMG_1619 IMG_1620IMG_1640

It is a sad day for us, as we will be saying fond-farewell to Harpreet and Bhawna – we would like to thank them both very much for taking great care of us during our time in India.

We are now at the airport waiting 12 hours for our flight back to London. We will see you all soon and show you more of our ‘clicks’ (pictures).


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